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Matador Creative Studio is a Canadian production company specializing in really awesome animated videos to explain your company.

We create a very specific type of video product for our clients. Many production houses are happy to produce any kind of video a client thinks they need, whereas at Matador we believe in the value of one:
The Explainer Video.

The concept is simple: Identify the one or two most exceptional elements of a business, and then demonstrate those elements in a short animated video. Viewers are captivated by the imagery associated with the narration, they’re entertained by the humorous quality of what they’re watching, and most importantly, they’re inspired to share what they’ve seen with their network.


Our Process

Our goal is to make your experience as streamlined and as enjoyable as possible.
To that end, we've established a fantastic little process that has proven to deliver the best possible videos for our clients:


Case Studies

Click below for more detailed information on 2 recent projects.

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David Lewis

Creative Director


Matador Creative Studio

2776 Coyote Place
Whistler, BC  |  V0N 1B2

Phone: 604.902.7270